In these modern times the struggle is real
  1. Last week after a concert I was standing behind two guys who was trying to open a locker that required 4 numbers and a #
  2. And did they struggle to get it open
  3. But given the amount of beer it seems they had, it might not be so strange
  4. Anyway
  5. Getting the 4 numbers seemed easy enough for the guy putting them in but when it came to the # he was lost
  6. His friend first said "you have to press the square after the numbers"
  7. He then pressed ⏺ didn't get the square thing
  8. His friend then said "press the garden door after the numbers"
    We call # havelåge = Garden door here. Silly I know
  9. He didn't get that either and pressed *
  10. Then his friend made one last attempt
  11. "Press hashtag after the numbers" he said in a tired voice
  12. Took the # confused guy half a second to open the locker after that
  13. I laughed my ass off during this scenario