So they tell us anyway 😉 @jstncwlcx
  1. We dont take ourselfes too seriously
    We love to joke and have a laugh. When things tend to get too serious we'll find a way to break the seriousness with a joke or something like that. Aiming high is an option but not an expectation. If we are really good at something we tend to downplay it (this is sometimes a bit annoying though).
  2. Expectations
    We study because we want to and not because it is expected of us. From an early age we learn that we can be anything we want to be. Education here is one big buffet, you just have to pick the one you heart is set on and aim for that. Most the educations here are free. You dont have to pay to go to University, but you do have to pay for your books. One of the few things we danes do expect, is that you do your best to contribute to the society.
  3. Healthcare
    Is free here, which means that you don't need to have a well payed job to be able to pay for going to the doctor, hospitaltreatment and so on. One of the keys to feeling happy is feeling secure.
  4. We accept who you are
    Poor, rich, middleclass, gay, straight, bi, christian, muslim etc. we don't care as long as you are nice and respectfull towards others. And we see it as an advantage that others can contribute with a different point of view or opinion. Ofcourse there are rotten appels amongst us (especially our government for the time being who diden't have the majority of votes at the last election but enough to form a government 👊).
  5. Hygge (no translation available for this word) Hygge - a how to
    But it means that we really like gettogethers with our friends and family. Friday evenings are normally spent together in front of the tv with snacks and candy or by playing a game. Familytime is important, and a way we relax. Getting together with friends over a beer, a game of rundbold (a bit like baseball) or football in the local park during summer. Or spending time at a friends house making dinner with a bunch of friends is something we like to do.
  6. We find it easy to adapt to changes
    And focus on the benefits and how we can make most out of the changes instead of refusing them. We work with what we have.
  7. Being rich in terms of money is less important than being rich in lifeexperience
    Aiming for a good life with a caring strong familybond is way more important than money in the bank.
  8. We stand together
    In good and bad times, and make the most of what we have.
  9. We really appreciate it when the sun shines and can talk about the weather for hours.
    This is Denmark, we have quite a few rainy days, and from mid october untill the end of february we have about 6/7 hours of daylight. We like to cose up in these months at home. Ofcourse it can be annoying with all the darkness in these months, because it's dark when you leave your home in the morning and again when you go home, but it's hyggeligt (cosy) most of the time. When the sun is out in these dark months we really appreciate and enjoy it. We dont take it for granted.
  10. Bicycles
    I'm not sure this is one of our keys to being happy, but most of us danes bicycle to school or work everyday if we can, getting fresh air and a bit of sun. Eventhough it rains or is snowing we are happy to bike.
  11. This is what I can think of on the top of my head, I probably forgot all sorts of important stuff
  12. Remember this is based on my point of view
  13. Have a happy day 😘