1. you can cook the best italian food
  2. you find it easy to laugh
  3. you tend to break out in a song during dinnertime
  4. you speak danish, english, swedish, italian and albanian
  5. you once broke your left arm in a horseback riding accident
  6. you can always remember what you dreamt
  7. you overthink everything
  8. your mind is always working overtime when you're talking to someone
  9. you have a hard time giving yourself some credit
  10. you're a sucker for history
  11. you think Johnny Depp is one of the best actors of all time
  12. you never had a one night stand
  13. you love licorice
  14. you can assemble any IKEA furniture in no time and is basically a handy woman
  15. you don't care for cake
  16. you forget to text people back for days
  17. you hate the danish word for darling
    It's skat btw 🤢
  18. you sigh and want to slap someone when people say "we're pregnant"
    Uhm no, she is pregnant, the baby is her wound, she is the one who is going to carry it and give birth. Ergo you are not pregnant, your job is done. Now get her some icecream and start helping around the house.
  19. you love spring and seeing nature come to life again
  20. you spend a lot of nights with J.M and your computer
    Not as dirty as it may sound
  21. proper coffee is your drug of choice
    Not that filter thing
  22. you prefer a great beer to red wine
    Unless we're talking masterclass redwine
  23. you think everything happens for a reason
  24. you think the best smell on a man is the smell of freshly washed cotten
  25. you get minor panic attacks in public places but never show it