From the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo
  1. Visualize desired lifestyle
    Essential to do first to ensure you don't rebound
  2. Instead of deciding what to get rid of, decide what to keep
    Ask each item "Does it bring me joy?" Discard in order of clothes, books, komono ( miscellaneous items), and finally sentimental items. Sort by category and only keep those items that bring you joy!
  3. Storing Clothes - you can store more by folding than hanging; only hang clothes that would be happier hung up
    TIPS: 1. Visualize what drawer will look like when clothes are folded. 2. Fold clothes to the height of the drawer; edge of clothes all seen in a row. 3. Arrange clothes in closet so that they rise to the right (heavy clothes on left). 4. Don't roll socks, fold and store on edge. 5. Keep clothes available year round; don't store seasonally
  4. Organizing Books - it's better to read the book that grabs you now than the one you've stored for years. Get rid of the books you'll read "someday".
    1. Remove all books from shelf and put on the floor. 2. Stack in categories and then decide if it gives you pleasure when you touch it. 3. Having fewer books increases the amount of information you read
  5. Sorting papers - sort through currently in use, need for a short period of time, need for extended time; keep all papers in one spot in the house
    Discard seminar materials, credit card statements, notice or withdrawals to pay utility fees, manuals, greeting cards that don't spark joy, used checkbooks, pay slips
  6. Sorting miscellaneous items (komono) - save only those that bring joy; Start with more personal and defined categories first.
    TIPS: 1. Gifts - someone doesn't want you to use it out of obligation or feel guilty when you see it, get rid of it. 2. Electronics - discard the boxes and papers. 3. Bedding for the guest that never comes - bedding starts to smell bad when stored endlessly in the back of a closet. 4. Buttons - you can find them at a handy shop if you need them. 5. Express appreciation you got for items when you bought them and then discard them. 6. Loose change - put in wallet.
  7. Sentimental items - don't live in the past; only keep what brings you joy now. Don't send the items to your parent's house
    You process your past by going through them. Sort photos at the very end: remove them from albums and look at them 1 by 1 (you'll keep 5 per trip that capture your memory of it)
  8. Designate a place for each item in your house