It's a Sunday morning and you've woken up in someone's bed...
  1. When you roll over and are greeted by a gnarly hangover or a bottle of motrin...don't freak out. First things first, You've shacked, WAY TO GO!!!
  2. Perhaps your host is a close friend who things will "always be weird with now", a handsome stranger from the bar, or finally your long term "boo".
  3. I'm not sure what your accommodations are like, but alas whether it was a couch, bed, kitchen floor or hammock. Don't initially wake up your snoozing partner.
  4. Observe your surroundings, much like an art gallery. Interpret the fratty fathead posters, cringe at their empty skoal cans, trip over a pile of their dirty laundry. You're apart of their world right now baby, embrace it.
  5. Unless this is a repeat performance, don't assume you may use their toiletries. Nothing is worse than assuming you may use a hair brush and receiving a "did you use my (insert item here)?" - text later on.
  6. Remember that you're entitled to redeem your "free cup of water coupon" from their kitchen. Bottle or tap, your choice.
  7. If your boo hasn't awoken, don't feel obligated to wake them! But if you do and your shacking wasn't awkward...brunch is never a bad suggestion.
  8. Pending on the situation, be somewhat courteous. If your experience was awful...sneak out before anyone wakes up, maybe it was positive - so wait to get a ride home! Cabs and ubers are also a viable option.
  9. Either way, embrace your SUNDAY FUNDAY. You do you boo boo.