Sorry, this one is a bit squirm worthy...
  1. Who will be at my funeral?
  2. Is there such thing as all powerful and omnipotent being?
  3. What will ultimately kill me? Will it be cancer or a freak accident?
  4. Will I ever find love again?
  5. I wonder when I'll die, will I be older or younger? Will it be tomorrow of when I'm 90?
  6. What will people say about me on Facebook after I die? What if I don't want to become a memorial page or symbol of nobility? Is it possible to be remembered just as I was?
  7. What would have happened if I ended up with (fill in the blank ex-boyfriend)? What if he was one and I was just too young to realize?
  8. What will it feel like if I'm left entirely alone?
  9. What would I do if I were the last person on earth?
  10. How many days do I have left?
  11. What will it feel like when everyone I know is dead or dying?
  12. It is bad that I can't image myself getting older?
  13. What if I don't want to have kids? What if I run out of time?
  14. What if I never amount to anything?
  15. What if I never achieve my dreams? What happens if I never actually had dreams to begin with?
  16. Why is life so complicated?
  17. What if I never figure out what I'm meant to do?
  18. How will it feel for my body to slowly deteriorate in my old age? Will I regret all the sitting around I did instead of going out in the world and using my young body at the height of its health?
    Suggested by @ohlauren
  19. Was she born with it? Or did it turn out to be Maybelline after all?
    jk don't add this one please :)
    Suggested by @Dustin