A spin on a childhood classic!!
  1. If you give a girl tequila, she is bound to want some limes.
  2. If you give a girl some limes, she is bound to ask for salt.
  3. If you give a girl some salt, she will probably ask you to take a shot with her
  4. If you take a shot with her, she is bound to repeat this process at least two or three more times
  5. If she repeats this process two or three more times, she is bound to climb on a raised surface to dance
  6. If she climbs on a raised surface, she is guaranteed to momentarily think she is Ke$ha
  7. If she momentarily thinks she is Ke$ha, she might wake up in the morning feeling like P.Diddy
  8. If she thinks that she is P.Diddy she might declare she wants to sit on a throne of natural light
  9. If she sits on a throne of natural light, she will literally become P.Diddy
  10. If this random girl just became P.Diddy you should probably be very confused at first
  11. If this random girl just became P.Diddy, you probably have also just discovered a glitch in the matrix
  12. If you discover a glitch in the matrix, the authorities might come for you
  13. If the authorities are coming don't run because if this girl just became P. Diddy you can probably skin morph into anyone you want to be in this alternate universe
  14. If you can now be anyone in the universe, you will probably choose to become P.Diddy too
  15. Everyone chooses to morph into P.Diddy
  16. We are all now living in a universe where everyone is P.Diddy
  17. The end