1. My gym membership
    I haven't been able to go everyday, I'm just feeling that my life is kind of out of control right now.
  2. Flying
    I'll never grow wings and soar like an eagle
  3. My dreams about the future
    For some reason I just feel under qualified. I feel like I am always going to be letting someone down.
  4. Kittens
    They become sociopathic cats
  5. The Fat Jewish
    I really used to love his Instagram account, then I realized he's been stealing almost all of his material
  6. Applying for graduate schools and law school
    I haven't started yet and the burden of standardized testing is a bit intimidating to say the least
  7. Growing up
    I just have so many questions that no one can answer for me. In the past couple months I have learned that figuring out the ropes of life is fucking challenging. Anyone who says otherwise is lying.
  8. Sundays
    Sure it's supposed to be a relaxing day, but who could forget Monday is less than 24 hours away
  9. Time
    Good things happen eventually. Although getting older is great, it's hard to forget that we're just slowly creeping towards our own deaths. There just never seems to be enough of it.