We've all had those days, feel free to contribute
  1. When you wake up and look at your bae and realize bougsie brunch/afternoon cuddling are clearly the only productive things you will do with your day
  2. When you realize you lost your keys the night before while the most intoxicated you have been in your adult life since freshman year of college
  3. When you're having the worst hangover of your life
  4. When you realize that you have been a total shit head for the past week and need to place yourself in a self imposed socially motivated "time out"
  5. When your friend nags you to go to the gym with her but you keep sweating tequila
  6. When you realize life is generally kicking your ass and you decide to retreat into your covers for momentary cease fire
  7. When the godfather 1+2 or the original Star Wars trilogy are on back to back and you just can (meaning you have no kids or other major responsibilities)
    Suggested by @gilbaron