Phrases I've heard in passing or open conversations. Figured you might appreciate this one @talleycook
  1. "I went this small school in Boston...maybe you've heard of it?"
  2. "I'm really into this new brewery in upstate New York, they only have one beer in the market and it's this milk've probably never heard of it"
  3. "I tried a sake fusion beer this weekend, my palate was enlightened"
  4. "I just love hiking, sometimes I feel like I'm Thoreau in Walden. Nature just rejuvenates the soul, you know?"
  5. "Sometimes I find it confusing that my high school costs more than my college"
  6. "I backpacked through India last summer - would recommend. Taking time off really helped me in my spiritual quest"
  7. "Infinite Jest really just speaks to me"
  8. "I'm not an elitist, it's not my fault we spend every summer at the beach house"
  9. "When I was growing up, the show I could relate to the most was Gossip Girl"
  10. "I'm more of a Serena than a Blaire!"
  11. "Daddy unfortunately has a business trip during the master's weekend, looks like we're going to have to sell his tickets again..."
  12. "I think my favorite snack would have to be strawberries and cream, JUST like they do at Wimbledon!"
  13. "I would describe my style more as chic Calvin Klein norm-core than hippy grunge"