Just take a moment to think about what you've done. Slow down, reflect, stomp the breaks, and take a chillaxitive.
  1. Urban outfitters
    Urban we love you don't get me wrong, but where is the logic in making assless pants or making heel-less heels? Your color combinations may be cutting edge, but keep it simple. Oscar the grouch normcore green is great, but maybe not as the main color of your season...
  2. Yahoo
    You're not @GOOGLEY and you never will be. I'm sorry, just please surrender to the clearly superior search engine
  3. Jim Web
    https://www.webb2016.com - you're irrelevant, but it's fine. We love you.
  4. Rick Santorum
    Rick. I've met you. You're not the worst guy, in fact when we spoke you were wearing a t-shirt that saidWorld's #1 Dad" across your chest. Maybe retire from politics? Spread some love? Finally accept the awesome gay community...they're fabulous and you're missing out.
  5. That woman strolling through the airport in 8 inch stilettos
    You're not comfortable. Just be honest. Don't lie. Riding a plane looking like that fucking blows, opt for the juicy sweat pants (if people even wear those anymore?)
  6. Donald trump
    The diamond in the rough example of a try hard, who apparently is succeeding? This confuses me but I still have faith in our country
  7. Kale
    For the love of God, kale you're fucking amazing. Just please don't end up in places that are fundamentally wrong. I saw a recipe on Pinterest for kale brownies the other day. Could you do less?
  8. Twitter
    Rumor has it, twitter might be on the up and out? I pray you evolve gracefully
  9. Any freshman in college's Linkedin profile
    I know you're just drinking and probably fratting pretty hard. Sure you learn how to do something being social chair, but then again? Just don't add a million irrelevant things to your profile. I can't say I'm proud of my freshman achievements either. Go ahead and join every club, be excited about career fairs, just try less, be yourself and you'll be surprised at how much better off will be!
  10. Miley Cyrus
    But in some ways not really but in a lot of ways yes definitely
    Suggested by @anasha