When I'm in a bookstore, I'm the type that tangos with titles for a couple months. I'm OCD. I can't start something new unless I've finished my last project. Marina Keegan's life extends from her pages. I wish I had the opportunity to meet her. I found myself both laughing and crying. I hope her words inspire you all. Everyone should read her book.
  1. The Opposite of Loneliness
    "What we have to remember is that we can still do anything. We can change our minds. We can start over. Get a post-bac or try writing for the first time. The notion that it's too late to do anything is commercial. It's hilarious. We're graduating from college. We're so young. We can't, we MUST not lose this sense of possibility because in the end, it's all we have"
  2. Cold Pastoral
    "I had their story in my bag. The secret that he, too, had never things go. Had it tucked inside his journal with a note I'd slipped inside. Thanking her. Telling her that I didn't want to talk to her again because it would be too hard. But I looked at her then, with the tears dripping slowly down her thin checks, and I knew, in the end, it'd be better if I kept it. Better if she never knew"
  3. Winter Break
    "I don't know Addie." She let out a sigh . "I just don't know" I hated this kind of discussion and hated myself for hating it. I wondered for a moment who else my mom might confuse in but I wasn't actually sure how close she was with any of her book group friends"
  4. Reading Aloud
    "I miss dreaming forwards," Anna said. "What?" I dream backwards now. You won't believe me how backwards you'll dream someday"
  5. The Ingenue
    "Dude, you gotta stop talking about Taiwan. You're becoming the kid who went to India." Danny tore off a scorecard and placed it in front of him. "I didn't go to India" "That's not the point" He looked toward Olivia and they shared a smile. "Noah spent last summer in Taiwan," she said to met. "If you're lucky he'll show you his album of eight million photographs later...but it will be hard because you can't really understand unless you've been there" "Oh fuck all of you" Noah said.
  6. The Emerald City
    "no ones been contracted to trim the palace gardens or wildflowers, so the greens by the blast walls are river are (beautifully) unkept. But we hear firefights now. Firefights and sirens and tiny pops from be city. The city I've lived in for months but never really seen. How's work?"
  7. Hail, Full of Grace
    "I dated other men, but I seemed to pass them by, waiting for someone who would trace my back while I slept and take me to church on Sundays. I'd meet HIM in Paris, after Paris, in graduate school, at work. But each location passed as I rolled them off my shoulders. My sister called it a fluke at Thanksgiving one year when a friend of our aunt's asked about my husband. "It's strange," she'd said, passing the gravy. And I'd felt a sudden urge to pour it on her head
  8. Sclerotherapy
    "Karen found out the tattoo of the Chinese character on her right ankle actually meant soybean five months after she got it"
  9. Challenger Deep
    "It was nice," Lev finally said from the wall. "I forgot what it was like" "I know" the Captain said. "My hands." I pictured the tiny dots floating like stars. The way it looked like outer space from the periscope windows. For the first time in a long time I thought about my sister and the house I lived in as a child. Lev stood up and walks out to his berth. He didn't leave at B shift but there wasn't much we could do about allocations"
  10. Nuclear Spring
    "So what I'm trying to say is you should text me back. Because there's a precedent. Because there's an urgency. Because there's a bedtime. Because when the world ends I might not have my phone charged and if you don't respond soon, I won't know if you'd wanna leave you shadow next to mine"
  11. Stability in Motion
    "That it was the tinfoil balls, the New York Times, and the broken speaker: the fingernail marks, the stray cassettes, and the smell of chai. Alone that night and parked in my driveway, I listened to Frank Sinatra with the moon roof slid back"
  12. Why We Care about Whales
    "We push and shove and wet whales all day, then walk home through town past homeless men curled up on benches - washed up like whales on the curbsides. Pulled outside by he moon and struggling for air among the sewers. They're suffocating too; but there's no town assembly line of food. No palpable urgency, no airlifting planes"
  13. Against the Grain
    "On my death bed, I will instruct a nurse to bring me the following: a box of Oreos, a bag of Goldfish, a McDonald's hamburger, an assortment of Dunkin Donuts, a chicken pot pie, a Hot Pocket, large pepperoni pizza, a French crepe, and an ice-cold beer. In my final moments I will consume this food slowly and delicately as I fade into oblivion"
  14. Putting the "Fun" Back in Eschatology
    "Maybe all this take of the inevitability of aliens is garbage and we're miraculously, beautifully alone in our biological success. What if we're winning...Humans alone could be winning the race again our gigantic gas time bomb and running with the universal Olympic torch. What an honor. What a responsibility. What a gift that we have been given to be born in an atmosphere with oxygen and carbon dioxide and millions of years and phenotypes cheering us on with recycles of energy"
  15. I Kill for Money
    "It's just like, no one wants bugs around, so no one wants bugs around, so no one wants me around." Tommy shakes his head and shoves his supplies into the truck. "I mean, why do you think it's unlabeled?" He waves an arm outward toward his truck. "Because people would be embarrassed to have it in their parking lots, why."
  16. Even Artichokes Have Doubts
    "I don't pretend to know anymore about this world than the rest of us. In fact, I probably know less. (According to the Internet, a consultant is "someone who consults someone or something.") But I do know that this statistic is utterly and entirely shocking to me. In a place as diverse and disparate as Yale, it's remarkable that such a large percentage of people are doing anything the same - not to mention something as significant as their postgraduate plans. I want to understand,"
  17. The Art of Observation
    "I pondered my own narcissism as I smiled again and again next to Taj Mahal tourists from Hyderabad and Mumbai. "One photo please" they'd ask, and I wouldn't know how to say no. Luke would walk ahead and I'd inevitably stay behind. if it made them happy, after all, why not play along?"
  18. Song for the Special
    "I blame the Internet. Its inconsiderate inclusion of everything. Success is transparent and accessible, hanging down where it can tease but not touch us. We talk into these scratchy microphones and take extra photographs but I still feel like there are just: SO MANY PEOPLE. Every day, 1.035.6 books are published; sixty-six million people update their status each morning. At night, aimlessly scrolling, I remind myself or elementary school murals. One person can make a difference! "