Well. I can't say I didn't know better. I've learned my lesson. STATUS: CURRENTLY NEVER SWIPING AGAIN
  1. Avoiding awkward eye contact on campus
  2. Those awkward 'real life introductions, but we already know exactly who each other are' moments
  3. Seeing strangers in full academic dress on the street and having the realization that you have also swiped and seen them in their full bare ass glory
  4. Underlying sexual tension
  5. Facing All The Fuckboiz - Who know you swiped right and you refuse to reply to
    You secretly feel a little guilty because somewhere deep down inside they're actually decent guys
  6. Intimidating stares from intelligent strangers in academic gowns
  7. Leaving Oxford and feeling as though you've become a satirical mythological tinder unicorn
    *Sitting in hall at dinner time and over hearing a conversation to your direct left" Lad 1: "Jake, wait that girl. Right there, up a row" Lad 2: "Yeah what about it....?" Lad 1: "I swear that's her, I think we matched on tinder" Lad 2: "No way, really" Lad 1: "yeah! No I swear. Right there, that's her. RIGHT THERE LOOK"
  8. That horrible moment when you realize you might have a swiping addiction. You don't know how many times you've swiped right. You lost track early on...you need help
    Is there such thing as tinder rehab?
  9. Any situation involving public dining halls
  10. Any situation involving the general male student body/ public
  11. Regretting the 'tinder swipe right olympics' that you started between yourself and your roommate
  12. Awkward dates you went on that felt more like obligations since you had too many mutual friends
  13. Fearing that someone you actually have the 'feels' for didn't swipe right
  14. Realizing that you effectively used Oxford Tinder for a full term. It exists and it's too real...