Sparknotes Synopsis: Style - SLIGHTLY Shakespearian. Setting - Starbucks (Section of 7th & 6th). Stars - Steven & Sylvia
  1. Act 1
    And So it Starts.... Spotlight. Silence. Speaks. Steven, Single. Southern. Supervisor for Siemens. Semi-formal Style. Stanford. Seeking Someone. Slightly Snooty. Sensitive Soul. Sometimes Sings Soprano "Say Something" in Shower. Scene: Steven Strides off Street. Skedattles to Sip a Snappy Sumatra 'Spresso Shot.
  2. Act 2
    Steps into Shop, Scans Starbucks Spreads. Softie for Sweets. Standing... Scanning....Selects ..... Suddenly Spots Sylvia SHE is Saucy. Solid Seven. She Sees Steve. She Supposes, "Stop Staring. Seriously"
  3. Act 3
    Sylvia is Short, Sly, Slightly Skinny. Sporting Slanted Shades. Silver Skirt. Scowling. Startled, Steve Stares. Slyvia Sees. Sneaking Sights. Steve Sighs. Slyvia Stifles Snickers. Silly Sucker Steve. Serendipitous Sensations... Suddenly Steven Saunters Slowly. Steve Slyly Sits on Seat. Says "Salutations, Stunning Señorita" ....seriously Stevens? So Sad.
  4. Act 4
    Shameful Speech. Smiling Sylia, Stays Silent. Slyvia is Single. Says She's Sapphic. Shocked, Steven Signs Sorry. Surges to Safety.
  5. Act 5
    Sorry Steve. Sucks to Suck. Solo Saturday. Schlong Sans Sucked. Sabotaged, Sexuality.