Maybe this is just me, but writing a list is definitely a process. I present to you this very meta list about writing a list.
  1. Start in a 'Notes' rough draft
  2. Suddenly decide you list doesn't make sense, but then think about it again and start to write it anyways just to see if it's decent
  3. Backspace
  4. Ponder
  5. Backspace some more
  6. Edit
  7. Add some periods
  8. Go on a tangent and write some more
  9. Transfer the list to ListApp after you decide it's worthy
  10. Insert the phrase "I've thought about posting this for awhile" - but then delete it
  11. Close your list to think about it some more
  12. Open your list again
  13. Wait for a time period of 5-20 minutes. Alternately you could also close your list and not touch it again for a matter of weeks
  14. Maybe phone a friend, take your mind off your list
  15. Look at your list with a pair of fresh eyes
  16. Look for grammatical errors
  17. Hesitate about posting it. Sometimes certain ones feel like you're about to jump off a diving board.
  18. Cross your fingers
  19. Hope for the best
  20. Fiercely post it with no R@gRetz
  21. ListApp crashes. START OVER AT STEP ONE.
    Suggested by @ChrisK