That awkward moment when you kinda recognize a face, but maybe not? @madeline (thought you would appreciate this)
  1. Stage One: You're at the climbing gym and you see a human. Gesture to your friends, Oh hey! That guy looks familiar
  2. Stage Two: The Stare
  3. Stage Three: Text or ask friends, "guys do you recognize that human". AWKWARDLY snapchat a photo of the human, send to closest friends.
  4. Stage Four: Try to recall a name
  5. Stage Five: Attempt to Facebook stalk
  6. Stage Six: Asses whether said human has acquired a new hair cut or bizarre facial hair
  7. Stage Seven: Categorize as friend, foe, or frenemy
  8. Stage Eight: Ponder sanity, see horde of girl approach said human
  9. Stage Nine: GROUP STARE HARD
  10. Stage Ten: Approach cautiously, ask if they went to your undergrad, contemplate if they were in your Intermural kickball tournament, ask if they climb frequently.
  11. Stage Eleven: Awkwardly stand there, as he replies "I'm your step brother...."
  12. Stage Twelve: Cringe and begin to walk away slowly, now you're confused. That was kind of a mean comment...
  13. Stage Thirteen: Realize that you actually just spoke to Ansel Elgort and that he was totally fucking with you
  14. Stage Fourteen: Shrug off interaction and continue climbing with your bad ass lady friends
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