Feel free to contribute, some things are just never the same again
  1. Your liver
    Drink the sorrows away. Numb the pain bae. Time heals. It's okay
  2. Certain foods that held significance to your former significant other
    I SOLEMY swear to never eat peach rings as long as I shall live.
  3. Intimate songs
    Think of your first middle school dance and how that version of yourself felt watching all the other couples slow dancing while you sat on the sidelines. Cuts real deep.
  4. Physical contact
    After a harsh break up, most of the time you want ZERO human intimacy, and that's okay! You crave pillows, ice cream, dogs, fluffy things and your ability to bitch to your friends.
  5. The idea of finding genuine love, love again, or a life long human companion
  6. Romantic movies
    SCREW you, The Notebook
  7. Places you used to go together
    No matter how beautiful that place can be, that asshole will still find their way into your thoughts💭when in old spots.
    Suggested by @ErinFlaherty
  8. Movies you watched together
    Sucks worse if it's one of your favorite movies. I swear to god. Never cheese plates though.
    Suggested by @sky
  9. But NEVER cheese plates