Portrayed using entirely questionable pictures from stock photo sites
  1. Gum from underneath the table
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    "oh strawberry bubbalicious! My favorite"
  2. Mold
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  3. Man in Dress Peeling Potatoes
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    Proceed with caution
  4. Small Children
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  5. Sick People
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    Because obviously ew
  6. Old People
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    Grandma Rose is a fragile woman
  7. The Toilet Seat
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    5 Germs You Really Can Get From A Toilet... E.coli, Shigella Bacteria, Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, Influenza. 😷
  8. Snotty Tissues
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  9. Strangers
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    "But mom! He has candy"
  10. Cyber Woman With Corn
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    She's a wild card who you never know what she's plotting next. Scale of 1-ominous, she's the most sinister.
  11. Red Ant Hills
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    Just look at that shit
  12. The Stove
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    One minute you're sharing an intimidate cooking moment, the next your nursing a third degree burn at the ER
  13. Swarming Beehives
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  14. Dry Ice
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    Which looks more like a mountain of cocaine according to shutter stock...
  15. Dead Things
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    Roadkill, Bodies, Deceased Relatives ashes, etc.
  16. Big Red Buttons
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    Shutter stock knows the deal
  17. Unidentifiable Substances
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    If you find yourself asking "wtf is that" it might be best to avoid it
  18. Corrosive Acid
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  19. Poison Ivy
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    "Leaves of three, let it be"
  20. Priceless Idols in Ancient Tombs
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    Ask Aladdin or Indiana Jones for first hand accounts, shit goes south real quick
  21. Anything inside the CDC
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  22. Cactus
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    this is a horrible idea
  23. Angry Pregnant Woman With A Watermelon
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    She will do bad things to you if you even think about touching her precious watermelon
  24. Pigeons for sure. Ya never know.
    Suggested by @thecoolcumber
  25. Bathroom door knobs
    Suggested by @gilbaron