Be fearless. Be fun.
  1. Listapp going public kind of feels like the first day of school, there's always some nervous tension and we can all feel it. We veterans are excited you all are here.
  2. Don't be afraid to make your first list, it might not be amazing but it takes time to become a pro
    You don't think tiger woods was shooting holes in one on his first round ever? I think not
  3. Don't troll...nobody likes a meanie
  4. Comment and engage with your new community!
    Don't be afraid to tag @madeline @ChrisK @talleycook @mallofamanda @angusisleyor @bobbyhundreds @john @bjnovak! Ask questions and learn about fellow listers!
  5. Be polite - always instigate thought provoking conversations and leave encouraging feedback
  6. Spread the Listapp love! Tell your friends to join and help to create a amazing technicolor Listapp community