1. Buying colorful shrubbery for your small apartment
    Cactus won't die or leave your side
  2. Knocking on all of your neighbors doors and awkwardly introducing yourself, saying "howdy neighbor"
  3. Befriending your favorite starbucks barista
  4. Going to bars in your area
  5. Getting drunk at said bars
  6. Making drunk friends while drunk at bars - specifically at Brother Jimmy's
  7. Video chatting your college friends and complaining about how lonely you are by asking them if they have any friends in the city
  8. Awkwardly friend requesting these friends of a mutual friend in the city to see if they want to get coffee
  9. Joining the JCC's recreational kickball team
  10. Going on excessive Tinder, Bumble and Hinge Dates
  11. Going to trendy art openings to try to meet people
  12. Get a frisbee and invite strangers to 'bro out'