Obviously this isn't every hotel. Yet, at one point or another I'm sure we've all stayed at that one place out of SHEER NECESSITY. This list is dedicated to the place that just gave you a sinking confused feeling right when you walked in....
  1. Germs
  2. Seriously, get a black light, it will explain itself
  3. Sticky stains 🌭💦
    Ew. Need I say more?
  4. Key cards
    When they demagnetized and you're stuck outside in a frustrating yelling match with your door
  5. Huge windows
    "OH WOW LOOK AT THAT VIEW" as you conveniently fall to your death
  6. Polyester
    we are living in a material world and it is easily the worst fabric out there.
  7. Have you seen Taken 1, 2, & 3?
    I personally don't have a bad ass Liam Nielsen in my life to save me from shitty situations.
  8. If you've ever watched american horror story, the shining, or bates motel...you'll check in....but you'll never check out
  9. Pillows like bricks
    It's good for...posture right?
  10. Themed hotel rooms
    It just feels crusty
  11. The fact you are entirely surrounded by strangers
  12. The fact you can never shake the feeling that your shit is about to be stolen
  13. Judgy maids
  14. This may be regional but BED BUGS.
    Suggested by   @siddharthainc
  15. Shower mold.
    Suggested by   @yikes