I won't put obvious and general things such as eggs, produce, etc. unless there is a specific brand I just love. This will be for specific brands that are the best.
  1. Honest healing balm
    Even if you don't have a baby, this stuff is great for any and everything. I pretty much use it in place of Neosporin. It is awesome.
  2. Theo's organic chocolate
    Their dark chocolate is the bomb. My faves are sea salt and almond and the peppermint. Sooo good.
  3. Stonyfield greek yogurt
    It's important for all your animal products to be organic.
  4. Organic Valley grass fed yogurt
    This stuff is amazing!! Try some!
  5. Kerrygold products
    They are grass fed dairy products, though technically not organic. A delicious alternative when both organic AND grass fed habit available.
  6. Greenwise organic products
    Thankful for Publix grocery store's organic line. I use their beans and eggs all the time!
  7. Food for Life breads
    This brand makes Ezekiel bread and other products. I love their breads and tortillas, available in GF and always organic, because they are made from sprouted grains which are much easier to digest.