DNC Caravan: Day One

  1. Last Night
    My last night in town, Julia tried to push Janet off the bed but Janet is made of rocks and she just laid down. Then Julia read my Tarot and this trip is going to be important for me.
  2. The Caravan Humans
    There were 150 people there to send us off and a little music show with a speech by Andrew Keegan (still a heart throb btw). I went way out of my comfort zone to try and meet people, but everyone I met was just there to support. I didn't actually meet a single person that was driving in the caravan. I swapped phone numbers with a girl named Vivian, because we were both driving alone and hadn't met anyone...now we are bff
  3. Car paint?
    I had someone help me with car paint but she ran out of room LOL. She said it was a lot of pressure, so I went to CVS and got razorblades to get it off. Tomorrow I'm gonna let her do it again bc I think she felt bad and I know she is really good at it, I wanna give her the ability to shine.
  4. This line to the bathroom.
  5. 1st Stop: Flagstaff
    We're here. We're queer. We're waking up at 4am to see some sacred grounds at sunrise. We stood in a circle and spilled our guts out. One girl's story made me cry because we all need to work harder for our native communities. So far, I love this trip and I am very moved to keep working toward positive change.