DNC Caravan: Day Two

#UpToUs Flagstaff, AZ > Santa Fe, NM
  1. The Boy, Johnny
    He is so special and wonderful.
  2. Told you.
  3. Experiences
    We all woke up at 4am to hike this mountain, meditate, pray, etc., and Tubby Love ended the trip with a handstand. These people know how to party.
  4. Car Chalk Redo
    This time I got her name, it's Shannon! I like living around these people that I hug all the time, even though I don't know their names.
  5. The Teal McDonalds!
    One of my favorite facts about Arizona is that they were like "sry McDonald's, you don't rly fit our ~aesthetic~ fix it"
  6. Thanks Arizona
    You're beautiful.