I'm having some deep thoughts here they are in order
  1. Diet culture in America is so fucked up.
  2. How come so many palm trees are the exact same height?
  3. Should I get stoned in my car? Maybe not bc it might not wear off by the time I have to drive again in 40 minutes and then I'll end up having to sit here for so much longer.
  4. My mom sucks, I don't have to be friends with her right? Now that I'm almost 30 I can decide no mom is cooler than a bad mom?
  5. Why is assisted suicide for animals considered "the right thing to do" but for humans it's unfathomable?
  6. Is unfathomable a word? It's so long and weird looking.
  7. Should I drink Julias juice? She left it here...
  8. What is my cat doing right now?
  9. Should I accept a full time writing position or no bc being in offices is the worst and I wanna make my own schedule and walk around outside whenever I feel like it?!
  10. I wear mesh so often.
  11. Big business is terrifying. But I just bought Starbucks :/