Why I am a traitor to my generation

I just watched last month's Democratic debate on YouTube, and have now decided to go against my fellow youths.
  1. Bernie doesn't seem to have a plan to offer free education
  2. Bernie doesn't seem to have a plan to break up the banks
  3. I don't get why making a speech at Goldman Sachs and getting paid a shitload of money to do it is a bad thing
  4. Not all corporations are bad. We need them to build big things.
  5. Bernie likes to shout out "$15 minimum wage!" and every body cheers. While Hillary tries to explain that Federal and City minimum wage are two different things, and the issue is a bit more complex than free money.
  6. I like that Bernie's voice sounds like my Dad's. His hair is fuzzy and loveable like a balding troll doll. But I'm with Hillz. I think Bernie's being just as manipulative as any other candidate, and at least Hillary knows what she's talking about.