Totally recommend each show on this list
  1. Code Geass
    How can you not like this anime. It literally has everything in it. Action, love, imperialism, great mind games, and a kick ass main character who really makes you question your own morals
  2. Dragon ball Z
    One word ...."Goku". Superman has nothing on Gok. This action packed series made my childhood and taught me so much about being a good person. I've probably watch every episode at least 3 times hahaha. Can't wait for Dragon Ball super to come out ^.^
  3. Naruto
    I was born with it ... Raised by it. To see it come to and end in the 700th chapter I felt like a part of me died l. Two friends destined to battle followed their journey as I had my own growing up
  4. Death Note
    You think Code Geass is intellectually challenging? Try thinking on the same level as light or L in this series. One genius teen stumbles upon the power change the world by means that are not so kosher in the eyes of the law. MUST WATCH
  5. Angel beats
    Don't watch this unless you are ready to have your heart throb and eyes water. This is one of the most touching shows that I have ever watch. Absolute tear jerker
  6. Attack on Titan
    What does it mean to be humanities last hope? Eren Jaeger is probably the only one who truly knows what this means. As giant humanoid monster try to eradicate the human race Eren must learn to control his powers and save humanity. This show hasn't finished yet but that just means you have time to catch up
  7. Fairy Tail
    Action, Adventure, And Pure Fun! Natsu dragoneel is one character that you could never hate. He and is guild optimize what it means to be friends and family. Oh and they go around kicking bad guys butts on the regular