5 Albums I've Really Liked in 2016

My 2016 new year resolution was to listen to more new music, and keep up with the artists I love better. I've always been a voracious listener, but in 2015 I found myself sticking to a lot of old stuff. So here are some of this year's favorites!
  1. Hamilton Broadway Cast Recording
    Are we surprised? I love words and music and theater and supporting people of color while they teach the world that they have always been and always will be deserving of respect and admiration.
  2. Coloring Book, Chance the Rapper
    He's one of the few rappers I've followed. I love his work. He puts a lot of heart into his music and I love that.
  3. Kindly Now, Keaton Henson
    It's very mellow, and often sad. I like putting it on at night and using it to help me work through my own feelings and experiences. His voice is different and familiar at the same time, which I find comforting.
  4. Better Weather, With Confidence
    Just good fun pop punk, with moments of sincerity. The first track is also called, "Voldemort". As a HP nerd this speaks to me.
  5. 22, A Millon, Bon Iver
    This one is for @awrinkleintime. She really loves Bon Iver and I really love her. I also really love this album. I gave all of Bon Iver a good listen this November and really enjoyed it.
  6. BONUS: Our Own House, MisterWives
    It came out in 2015...but I just listened to it for the first time this week AND OH BOY HAVE I BEEN JAMMING AND BOUNCING AND FEELING THIS ALBUM!