The fear is real and the disgust is immeasurable.
  1. A video exists of a goat kicking a puppy.
    A PUPPY. What sort of monster (playing or not) drop kicks the embodiment of pure innocence?
  2. They are demon sheep.
    Have you looked a goat in the eye? It's like looking into the depths of hell. You can see it in their eyes that they believe in NOTHING.
  3. I was assaulted by a county fair goat.
    I wanted to feed it, pet it, give it my affection. It knocked me down and stepped on me. The epitome of rude.
  4. A goat nursed Zeus, and we all know he was a madman.
    The guy was a mess, and I blame goats milk.
  5. They are intelligent.
    They are too intelligent and one day will drop kick us into submission. Get ready to praise your goat over lords.
  6. GOAT stands from God of all things.
    How full of themselves can they get?!
  7. They are loud.
    Screaming goats are the worst goats. It's not bad enough you chew through EVERYTHING, do you have to yell at me too?!
  8. Standing on cows is one of their past times.
    Are they mad they're shorter than cows? It doesn't matter, you don't stand on other farm inhabitants just because you feel small. They're so self centered and inconsiderate. THAT COW MIGHT HAVE A BAD BACK.