December As Told By Photos I've Taken

I liked the lists people were doing of photos they've taken this month. Here's mine.
  1. These are on the tree in my bedroom.
  2. I'm still super jazzed about meeting Christmas puppies.
  3. I live relatively close to Kennywood Park. Christmas time is my favorite time to visit.
  4. Holiday traffic on four lane highways had been my commuter life lately.
  5. I've been helping my best friend's family decorate for their big party on the 23rd. This tree is 14ft. tall in their entry. (It's a big old Victorian house.)
  6. I've been texting the above mentioned friend a lot lately because she comes home from NC soon and I miss her. We fake fight and it's fun.
  7. The first real big snow we had in my area.
  8. Photos of ornaments are my favorite. I'd like to get a really nice camera one day and do a series on them.