Sometimes I get really bad headaches that last for hours.
  1. Tell yourself this time you don't need medicine!
    After an hour take it anyways because you know optimism isn't always the best medicine.
  2. Complain to a friend.
    Don't actually try to lobotomize the area of your head that hurts, but make sure you dramatically threaten to do so to anyone willing to listen.
  3. Lie down in the dark.
    Don't take a nap. Okay, take a nap. Maybe when you wake up it will all be a bad memory?
  4. Make a cup of tea.
    It probably won't help the headache but it will relax the rest of your body and who doesn't love a nice cup of comforting tea?
  5. Lay a cold wash rag over your eyes.
    This is in direct contrast to the hot cup of tea, but it feels so nice and it will lull you into a false sense of security. Hopefully at this point it will start to subside. Good luck!