In the middle of summer, in the middle of a rain storm.
  1. It was nice. Probably the best kind of drunk I've ever been.
  2. My friend and I spun in circles in the parking lot of the college's apartment complex.
  3. No one was there because...summer!
  4. A friend of a friend had access to an apartment, I don't know how or why.
  5. But we drank and stayed the night there and in the middle of the small party, it rained.
  6. I offhandedly said, "I miss playing in the rain like I did when I was a kid."
  7. That's all it took. We were out the door singing loudly and dancing through puddles as a few friends watched from the balcony and shouted song requests.
  8. I remember laughing loud and hard and from that place in your chest that feels like a home you carry with you.
  9. Every now and then it rains like it did that night, and I feel warm and get goosebumps.
  10. I wish all my drunken memories were like that night in the rain.