I drove down to Chapel Hill, NC for the weekend. I've been here since Thursday evening and I leave tomorrow. Two of my best friends (married) have been living here while one completes his undergrad (post-Navy) at UNC. It's been a good weekend.
  1. We watched a lot of Harry Potter.
    We made it through movies 2-6. Every winter break in college we would have #Potterthon where we'd take a weekend and binge. Obviously we can't do that anymore, so we tried to do our best while I was here.
  2. We also got a lot of exercise.
    We walked five miles on Friday and we hiked four miles today. It was my ideal hiking weather. Mid 50s and sunny.
  3. I bought myself some kickass shoes!
    They're real cool. I haven't owned Vans brand shoes since junior year high school (ten years ago). Not on purpose. I just sort of got stuck on classic Chuck Taylors as my casual tennis shoe choice.
  4. UNC beat Duke!
    Apparently Michael Jordan was there? I'm not really into basketball but my friend loves it. He got a student ticket this year. Helicopters were out to film the celebrations on Franklin St. I went to a small college so big college sports events are bizarre for me.
  5. For my official birthday (today, at least at the time of posting this) we went Greek.
    There's a local restaurant on Franklin St. called Kibo's. I AM IN LOVE. Everything was perfect. The atmosphere, the wait staff, the food. We were truly living our best lives at dinner. We ordered a ton of different Greek style appetizers and shared. It was everyone's first time there so we wanted to try as many things as possible. If you are what you eat, tonight we are feta.
  6. This is my second birthday in a row celebrated in NC.
    I miss having them close. This trip was planned last minute in three hours. I can't believe we pulled it off. I'm so glad I made it down to see them. They're wonderful people who I can't imagine life without.
  7. Here's to 27!
    May I end it like I started it, drinking a mimosa and doing a word search surrounded by people I love.
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