This list is a hard list for me to write! I have tried for years to make a definite list in my own mind, and it never ends neatly. These are not ranked, these are unapologetic, these are the artists that have gotten me through life so far.
  1. Diana Ross and the Supremes
    My uncle gave me a greatest hits cassette when I was six. I played it in a Barbie pink tape player over and over. All women, all powerful voices, all working as a team. It sounded so warm and rich to me. My sister ended up destroying it while I was in kindergarten one day. She was one. It was my most beloved grudge until last year when she bought me a vinyl of their music as reparations so I'd let it go.
  2. My Chemical Romance
    I KNOOOOOOOW. I was a typical teen emo. (I didn't dress the part. I was too shy to want to be noticed in any way really.) Their music was fast and loud and angry/sad. All the things I needed as a kid with too many feelings she couldn't sort through.
  3. The Beatles
    I didn't listen to them until high school. This crazy cool and fun guy in our friend group loved them and when he found out I had never listened, he brought me a CD to school the next day. I fell in love. I was supposed to return it, but I forgot and he forgot. He passed away in a motorcycle accident in LA during our college years. It tore a hole in he hearts of all our friends. I still have that CD and I cherish it.
  4. The 1975
    I don't have any dramatic stories for this one. They're just solid artists who make killer music. I've seen them live three times and they were the first show I went to that wasn't pop punk/punk rock. It was the first show I went to where I wanted to revel in sad nostalgic feelings for as long as possible.
  5. The Front Bottoms
    I don't even know if the lead singer can even actually sing well, but the lyrics hit a spot so deep in my chest it burns. I've probably listened to their track "Cough It Out" at least once a day for the last three years (or pretty close to that). It's honest music with a lot of heart, I respect that.
  6. Penguin Cafe Orchestra
    Whimsical instrumental music that has fueled/inspired many of the things I've written. It's the kind of music that lets you build your own narrative around it.
  7. Blink-182
    Crass and fun music that never takes itself too seriously for long. I like that the band has always done whatever it felt like and hoped for the best. Plus Travis is a GREAT drummer.
  8. Daughter
    Music for when I need to dig deep and feel some shit. Their music is so calm and reminds me of walking through a fog in the early morning. When I listen to them I feel more connected to myself than I usually do.
  9. I'll stop here. Even though I feel like so many others could make the cut.
    Thanks for requesting this list @veshecco! I will be second guessing my choices for the next three days, lol.
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