Exactly what it says....reminders, lines for future poems/writing, thoughts for social media.
  1. "When I think about how holding your hand feels for too long my heart falls asleep from the pressure. Pins and needle pricks with every pump."
  2. "I wonder why it calls me, I wonder why you call me. The ocean and you have a lot in common."
  3. "March Madness is what my friends and family experience as I slowly turn into one of those girls who shouts, "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!" and continue to excessively celebrate well beyond an acceptable level. "
  4. "Your Name - Japanese Anime that beat Spirited Away in box office sales"
  5. "Sleeping At Last -5000 Miles"
  6. "At precisely 6:03:42 pm I'm going to sing Happy Birthday. "
  7. "So when I reach for you hand and whisper, 'Tell me something nice,' don't think too hard."