It's been a while. I fell out off the list writing for a while. So here's a run down of life since March.
  1. I got a new job!
    I work downtown now. I love it. I didn't think I'd love it, maybe just like it. But it's been good.
  2. I had dinner with an ex.
    We hadn't spoken in a long time (many years). He was posting very sad things on social media, so I reached out and we had dinner. It was nice. Then he got a girlfriend and ghosted. (It's okay.)
  3. I went to a psychic.
    Nothing she said has happened yet. I wanted to test out the experience. She told me I'd win money playing scratch offs this month. I spent $20 on scratchy lotteries and didn't win anything. (This was over the month, not all at once.)
  4. I'm going to Ohio for vacation....again.
    I keep ending up on Ohio vacations when I've spent the last 10 years dissing Ohio. (Sorry to my best friend who lives there. She has warmed me to the state though.)
  5. I think I missed but didn't feel inspired to write anymore.
    But here I am. My work is decidedly not creative, so I need to create in other ways.
  6. Happy Summer everyone.