This is not a comprehensive list...that list would be too long. I like casually kissing people. (It's also not in order.)
  1. The gay one.
    It all ended okay. We're currently still the best of friends. Not in the cliche "gay best friend" way, but in the fundamental sexuality aside way.
  2. The unexpected one.
    He locked me out of the house, and put his lips to the glass door as a sign he wanted a "kiss" to be let in. I obliged. He opened the door, puckered his lips again, and I kissed him. I walked away to dance with someone else as he stood there with his jaw on the floor.
  3. The sexual tension one.
    We wanted to kiss for a VERY long time. It was a good was a good everything after too.
  4. The sexually repressed one.
    I kissed him so hard and put his hands all over me (with clear consent), he chose blue balls but I was the most frustrated.
  5. The strange one.
    We were at a party where a lot of guys were flirting with me. I don't know why. He said he didn't think he'd ever be able to kiss someone he didn't know. I said, "It's easy" and kissed him.
  6. The best friend one.
    The first time it was just for kicks. The times after were....complicated.
  7. The first one.
    It was awful. He joked I tried to slip him tongue. I didn't.
  8. The drunk one.
    He wanted to see how many girls he could get to kiss him. He walked up to my (male) friend and I after 12. I told him 13 was my favorite number and kissed him.
  9. The army one.
    It was the first casual encounter after a bad breakup. We tried to hook up, but he wasn't in peak working order. We had fun anyways.
  10. The promising one.
    I really liked him. I thought I could fall in love with him if given the chance. He talked like I had a chance. I didn't.