Unemployment - Day 2

I was recently let go without much of a notice from my job. It's a little stressful I suppose but I can't seem to get all that worked up about it. I'll figure it out, I'm optimistic. I am however SO BORED ALREADY. This has been my week so far.
  1. Laundry
    There's so much post-vacation laundry and I'm getting through it all slowly but surely.
  2. Supernatural
    I'm all caught up and I'm sad. It's not the greatest tv show, but I have fun watching it and the actors are cute.
  3. Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix
    I'm rereading the series. It's sitting on my night stand judging me for lying here in my bathrobe instead of reading.
  4. Dunkin' Donuts
    They have a new flavor out I'm dying to try. Vanilla Cupcake. I just need to get motivated to leave the house. It's very cold and windy here. I also feel guilt for spending money when I'm not working, even if it is only $1.05 if I use my refillable cup.
  5. Job Hunting
    It's exhausting. I applied to five jobs last night around 9pm and already received a rejection. Which isn't heart breaking, but it was so fast! I'm a little impressed. At least they got back to me at all, in the current job culture it is common that they just ignore you and THAT IS SO UNPROFESSIONAL I CAN'T STAND IT.
  6. The Hiring Agency
    I have a meeting with the hiring agency that got me my last contact job Thursday morning. While I don't want another contractor position (because for some reason people look at contractors like second class citizens) mama's gotta pay them bills!
  7. Although....