You Might Be Me If...

  1. You bought book plates a month ago but haven't used them yet.
    They are very pretty, and I love the idea of them. Yet part of me is still screaming, "DON'T PUT GLORIFIED STICKERS IN YOUR BOOKS YOU ARE NOT A CHILD THEY DESERVE RESPECT." So they sit on my desk and mock me.
  2. Your hair doesn't hold a curl.
    It doesn't. There's no way to make it work. My mom tried for 13 years and then I have been trying ever since. We've looked into every way, and it just falls flat in 30 minutes. You might think you have a trick that will work, you don't. I've already tried it but I appreciate you wanting to help.
  3. You get into your car every day and say, "I love you."
    I drove a car before my current one that caused me so much stress but I couldn't afford to get a new one. It turned off while I was driving up a hill once. I had to use a wrench to fix the door in a Walmart parking lot once. There was no air conditioning and heat can make me sick. Times were rough.
  4. You miss the same people you don't actually have a desire to keep in touch with because things have changed.
    I miss the idea of people sometimes.
  5. You went to visit a friend and ended up folding his clothes and helping him organize his room.
    I feel so good when my room is orderly. He's not a messy person but his laundry happened to be finishing in the dryer when I showed up. I got carried away with helping, but he appreciated it after he stopped making fun of me.
  6. Your need to go buy fresh spinach for a recipe you want to try, but can't muster up the energy to put on real pants.
    Capri yoga pants are my go-to home wear. It's too chilly to wear them out acceptably right now. I hate real pants.
  7. You took a lot of pictures of your friend's sister's cat last night.