Yo 2016, bye Felisha. 👋🏼
  1. To put the smart phone away at night.
    I want to get a routine, where I am not wasting hours looking at social media that will be there the next day.
  2. To take time for self care.
    I am constantly working, and I want to take more time to be with my husband or to be by myself, and not feel guilty for taking to rest and replenish myself.
  3. To write more.
    I want to get back to writing more, and really work on the book that has been in my head for what feels like forever. I also want to journal more.
  4. To declutter.
    My husband calls our closet Narnia, (because things magically disappear into the void of clothes and boxes). The goal is to get rid of the unnecessary and the useless.
  5. To enjoy the little things.
    I want 2017 to be the year, I enjoy the little moments as much as I do the big ones.