1. Cockroaches
    I blame Honey We Shrunk Ourselves. The moment when they are fighting off the cockroaches, gave me night terrors.
  2. Formatting Term Papers Into MLA
    I shudder thinking about it. I am horrified, at the idea of accidentally plagiarizing someone's work.
  3. Black Friday
    Let's be thankful for everything we have. Jk let's rip each other to shreds, over a $5 dollar crockpot. Horrifying.
  4. Gotta Go, and No Toilet
    Be real with me... Unless, you are in the bathroom ( when it strikes) you have the thought, will I find a toilet in time?
  5. Bubonic Plague
    In 1st Grade, I was obsessed with 14th Century Europe, and the plague. I checked my armpits daily for swelling boils.
  6. Underwater Predators
    Sharks, Alligators, and Crocodiles. I used to plan out how I would escape from them. You can't, and that is why I am afraid.
  7. Zombies
    I constantly dream about a Zombie Apocalypse. The idea of fighting for survival, and losing my humanity horrifies me.