This was like choosing a favorite, from my 30 children. So I picked the ones I watched the most, and quote the most.
  1. Never Been Kissed
    😍😍😍 This movie, is my forever favorite. When the crowd rustles, Don't Worry Baby starts to play, and he saunters down those steps to kiss her, my heart STOPS. Every time. No exception. My most favorite hands down.
  2. Win A Date With Tad Hamilton
    They both have six smiles, and I am crying the Cheetos dust off my face.
  3. The Beautician and the Beast
    It's like if the TV show, the Nanny was made with a Russian Dictator instead. Fran Drescher, is the epitome of goals. Hella cheesy, but so hilarious. My sister and I quote this movie in our daily lives, more than we care to admit....
  4. Just Like Heaven
    It's just so dreamy and funny. Their banter is hilarious, and chemistry is magical. When she remembers it wasn't a dream, I am wearing a sweater of my own tears.
  5. My Big Fat Greek Wedding.
    The parents and aunt are everything in this movie! Too relatable tbh. Also, when he says I don't remember frump girl, but I remember you. I am clutching my heart, to make sure it still works.
  6. Sweet Home Alabama
    Do we know Moe? This movie is so hilarious, wise, and simultaneously making fun of and paying tribute to the South.
  7. You Got Mail
    I would gladly send you a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils. This movie is a love story to New York, to the internet, to books, to letters, to life... Every characters is so witty and wonderful. So perfect.
  8. Runaway Bride
    Had a billion fabulous weddings in it, and it taught me that you gotta know what eggs you like, this in turn made me want to try Eggs Benedict, which is now my fave, thanks Maggie. Seriously, love this movie so much.
  9. When Harry Met Sally
    When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you want the rest of your life to begin as soon as possible. Word Harry. So good, and the little old couple's love stories melt my heart, and yes I will have what she is having.
  10. The Wedding Planner
    It's just a tribute to weddings, and it is so wonderfully ridiculous. I walked around with a headset shouting about MOH and FOB's for like a year after. Also made question wedding song choices, and what exactly sweet red plums and grilled cheese sandwiches smell like...
  11. 13 Going On Thirty
    I just wanted to be thirty, flirty, and thriving. I also wanted to live next door to Mattie. Dreamboat who makes you a dream house! I mean... Come on.... Also made me sooooo obsessed with the 80's!
  12. It Happened One Night
    This is the OG of Rom-Coms, and it is so lovely. The wit and banter between Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert, was so perfect. They taught me how to properly hitchhike as well. When the walls of Jericho come down, I am giddy and happy dancing.