SNL Bits I Adore

Passionate SNL enthusiast
  1. Penelope
    Hands down, I will laugh until tears roll down my face. I will twirl my hair, smack my lips, and try to make ridiculous statements like her.
  2. Goat Boy
    I cannot even find a trace of this sketch anywhere. Will Ferrell, Chris Kattan, and Matthew Perry singing "To All The Girls We Loved Before", with Chris Kattan as Goat Boy yodeling it. It's manic, ridiculous, and wonderful. If you don't laugh watching it, you will in retrospect. So hilarious.
  3. Church Lady
    Maybe, because I have known a million old bitties like this. Maybe, because Mmm.... Satan. Dana Carvey's judgmental, yet naughty old lady is so piously ridiculous that all you can do is laugh.
  4. Debbie Downer
    I dare someone not to laugh, watching Rachel Dratch, talk about how horrible life is, at the happiest place on Earth. Everyone knows someone like this, and it's hilarity is found in how absurdly realistic this character is.
  5. In The Cage With Nic Cage
    Andy Samberg, could do nothing, but junk, for the rest of his life, and I will still love him, for these sketches. I am in stitches throughout the whole thing, but when he describes the two key qualities of a movie star, I will belly laugh for an hour.
  6. Appalachian Emergency Room
    I could try to describe it, but it would just seem really gross, and not that funny, but good grief, it is hilarious.
  7. Back Home Baller
    This described how I felt anytime I went home for the breaks during college. This tune is so hilarious and fun. Also all of the other songs by YR girls, are perf. Shout out to my personal fave Little Baby Aidy.
  8. D*** in A Box
    When this fist aired my sister and I literally laughed until Coca-Cola came out of our noses. Just so hilarious, also Do the Creep, is another good one.
  9. Anything Matt Foley
    Chris Farley, was the so hilarious, but Matt Foley has to be one of the funniest characters of all time. He made me fall in love with SNL, as a kid, and it makes me laugh still, anytime, I think of a LIVING IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER!