Sorry, I didn't appreciate you before.
  1. A/C
    😭😭😭 My A/C broke last week, and I am sitting here thinking of all the nights I slept under two blankets with my head being nice and chilly. Meanwhile, I am trying to pretend that this little fan blowing warm air is in fact giving me relief from the humid heat.
  2. A Nose That You Can Use
    Stuffed nose. Ugh, when you have to be a gross mouth breather, and your nostrils get all sensitive and raw from all the tissues.
  3. Toilet Paper
    Being stranded without toilet paper, is honestly one of the most humbling moments of your life. Then think of all the times you used so much it could been a carpet, and how it got you into this predicament. Or worse, have to ask a random stranger from under a stall.