WhatNotToWatchList: Worst films I have seen

A list of a few films to avoid on your travels, thank me later.
  1. The Iceman
    Based on a true story, Michael Shannon plays a heartless hitman that gets pimped out by Ray Liotta. This will not be Ray Liottas sole appearance on this list, call me bias but i think the guy sucks total balls. Over the top acting, less than believable script. This film is basically about a man changing hairstyles over the years and killing whilst he does it. Still have a lot of love and admiration for Michael Shannon, aka Nelson Van Zod 4 thumbs down
  2. Hellboy II: The Golden Army
    As unpopular as this opinion is and from a standpoint of some that loved the first movie, I couldnt stand this sequel. 2 albino twins, a brother and sister, one good and one evil, share the same heart/soul or some shit. Surprise surprise, the good one sacrifices herself for the sake of mankind and to stop her pale pasty ass bitch of a brother from destroying the planet. Cheesy script, predictable storyline, wack ass film. On a scale from Tool to Pitbull, I'd give this a Black Eyed Peas.
  3. Killing Them Softly
    Brad Pitt as a hitman and one of James Gandolfinis last appearance on the big screen, you say? Sounds great... This monstrosity of a ball aching shitfest of a film single handedly almost ruined opinions of two of my favourite actors. Long winded, uninteresting, slow, uneventful, actionless and boring. And just when i thought i couldn't dislike it anymore... guess who shows up. Ray m'fucking Liotta. Stick to cracking cases with Jenny from Da Block you old hasbeen! 0/10000000
  4. Entourage
    Now I didn't know what to expect from an average-at-best "comedy" show's transformation to the big picture, but it was definitely a lot more than I witnessed. Same shit different toilet, without Ari Gold this show and film would have been nothing. Expect little to no laughs, cheesy and predictable script and pure college boy ignorance from begining to end. The man children are back. VICTORYYY P.S What the fuck happened to Scott Lavin???
  5. Peter Pan (2003)
    Only thing I can remember about this film was that I was 8 years old and had to turn it off. Pantalones
  6. Spring Breakers
    You already know what i can probably say about this 90minute queefing competition but i'll still try. 4 fatherless teens parade around town during spring break blowing guys, robbing shit and sitting in Jacuzzis with Gucci Mane (free my boy). Riff Raff stars as James Franco in this teen fuckfest. With Cringey acapella covers of Britney Spears, Classroom blozzas and perky boobs jumping around 100% of the time, expect nothing, still be disappointed. Didn't even finish. Just like my Honeymoon.