Meet Milton: He's seven years old, very smart, and can be a pain in neck—I call him the little king since he rules the house. Inspired by @rellimt
  1. January
    Milton likes to sit on the patio table while my husband and I read the paper. Here, he keeps a watchful eye on the many birds that hang out in our yard.
  2. February
    He enjoys sitting between me and the television. He always looks so regal.
  3. March
    Milton is a very large cat. He's twenty pounds of muscle and fur—he isn't overweight. Most cat toys are too small for him, but I found this tube that is large enough for him, and it's a favorite toy in which to pretend to hide from me—he sticks out both ends. Here, he is a little high from gnawing on his catnip pillow (foreground).
  4. April
    Milton tends to sleep fully sprawled out, but occasionally he curls up ... and shields his eyes from the daylight.
  5. May
    Checking out the half inch of much-needed rain caught in the gauge in my avocado planter.
  6. June
    If there are steps, he will climb them.
  7. Another View in June
    Not sure what caught his attention.
  8. July
    Enjoying some quiet time in the linen closet. He sits and stares at high cabinet shelves and meows like mad until I take out whatever is on the shelf and hoist him up for a few minutes. I know it's what he's crying about, because after I get him down he goes quietly on his way.
  9. August
    This is Movie and a Nap Day. I watch a movie and Milton naps beside me. My husband watches football or golf in the other room, and we all enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon.
  10. September
    All's right with the world.
  11. October
    Another adventure in the linen closet. Here, Milton has just seen his reflection in the mirror. I'm convinced he's not thinking it's another cat. He knows it's him and is mesmerized by how handsome he is.
  12. November
    After an exhilarating game of hide and seek.
  13. December
    After he promised to help me wrap presents.
  14. A Look Back to June 2009
    The day I brought him home. I had no idea this tiny thing would turn into the giant cat he is today. ❤
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