I am Winnie Cooper
  1. Winnie and I looked quite a bit alike.
  2. My close friends were usually boys.
  3. Kevin was just the kind of boy I would have had a crush on in fifth grade.
  4. I had a neighbor like Kevin. We were friends, then an item, back to just friends ... and we have stayed in touch forever.
  5. I was a very good student.
  6. I was sweet, smart, opinionated, and fairly popular.
  7. I grew up in a neighborhood that looked remarkably like Winnie, Kevin, and Paul's.
    No wonder! It was shot in Burbank—not terribly far from my house.
  8. And I believe Winnie and I had the same model Schwinn Stingray bike.
    This is exactly the bike I rode. It was a Slik Chik model with three speeds and a metalflake-look banana seat. You can buy it on eBay for $700. Sheesh.
  9. I had this album
    Still do ....
  10. Some of my friends thought I'd left them behind for a more popular crowd.
    I didn't mean to ... but there was this really cute guy who liked me, and he was part of a different group.
  11. Thank you, @gd3 for this most thought-provoking request.