Inspired by @kate81
  1. Ice Cream Server at Breslers 33 Flavors in a mall
    My bosses were young, free-spirited, and very cool. I worked there from age fourteen to nineteen, and every Christmas we would make a gift for fellow mall workers. They'd knock on our back door and ask for a special milkshake. I'd make a regular chocolate shake but add creme de cacao liqueur and peppermint schnapps. I'd hand the treat to them back through the door and wish them a Merry Christmas. Best first job ever.
  2. Personal assistant to a psychiatrist
    I got this job through my university's job board. I quit two weeks later after he threw a box of file folders at my head because I opened a new box. Clearly he was sitting on the wrong side of the desk in his office.
  3. CSU Sacramento assistant in the Continuing Education office
    The job that led me to my future career. I took a student assistant job typing labels. It turned into me writing news releases and PSAs, and then I was asked to proofread the course catalogue. I had found my calling, and thus began my thirty-plus years copy editing, writing, and proofreading. This job changed my life.
  4. Hertz Car Leasing auto buyer
    Transition job after college and moving back to L.A. I bought luxury cars to lease to CEOs. My office was in the Independence Bank Building on Ventura Blvd. (With Le Hot Club—as seen in Valley Girl—on the ground floor) One afternoon, a striking young woman and a much older man arrived to lease a car for her. I explained we had no cars there, and she needed approved credit. She told me she had no credit because men bought everything for her—she was very direct about her profession.
  5. Huntington Beach YMCA
    I was in charge of the Indian Guides newsletters and fliers for our summer camps. I wrote news releases and articles about our programs for kids and worked pancake breakfasts and fundraising campaigns. We had a wild staff, and our happy hours after work were legendary. We were once ejected from a rough dive bar on PCH for being too unruly. True story.
  6. Los Angeles Times Orange County
    I loved watching the train roll up every day to drop off the huge rolls of paper. For a while, my office was next door to the company counselor. People came to him to discuss problems both at work and at home. I could hear everything through the air vents, which I told him. I heard about employee affairs, drug addiction, family disfunction, and workplace squabbles. It was so weird to hear these things, but I never shared a word of it.
  7. Calculated Industries ad space and print buyer; copy editor
    Made industry-specific calculators and measuring tools. Sounds dull, but those of us in the in-house ad agency had a blast. You haven't lived until you've worked the National Association of Broadcasters, CES, and World of Concrete trade shows! We liked to pitch quarters while talking over ideas and had an 18 hole golf course mapped out around the office—we'd play after hours.
  8. A home theatre/movie review magazine writer
    I wrote movie synopsis/reviews, discussed DVD special features, and am proud to say I was one of the first people anywhere to write about the DVD format. (This includes all the major entertainment and electronics magazines.) And more trade shows! All entertainment related—best swag ever! Once I was a judge for an adult film DVD awards event. Any idea how uncomfortable it was watching those films at WORK?!
  9. Company that made personalized newsletters for mortgage lenders
    A televised car chase that had been going on for well over an hour drove right by our building on a small side street, ending a couple blocks away. We were watching it on TV and suddenly saw ourselves on the screen. Otherwise, I try to forget everything about this job. I did make one good friend there; always a plus.
  10. A well-known outdoor day spa in Riverside County that's been around for around a hundred years
    Marketing this place was easy, working with a lunatic boss was not. But the regular massages when new staff were being auditioned or a new technique was introduced evened things out.
  11. Book publisher in Orange County
    This job rounded out my career, so I can now say I've written and edited in every facet of print media. However, the most unstable individual I have ever worked for existed there. Made lifelong friends and learned how to lay out books—it is much more complicated than you might imagine.