We have a palm tree near our front porch. I hate it because it bites. It has spikes: long, sharp, pointy needles that rip skin and clothing. But for a short time, it also does something beautiful. Then it turns messy, and makes me hate it all over again.
  1. The pods
    They're sturdy and from six- to twelve-inches long. You could conk someone on the head with one, and it would hurt!
  2. They begin to open
  3. Reminds me of wheat
  4. Or cauliflower
  5. A sea plant
  6. It's lovely
  7. The flowers dry
    Pollen and dry husks go everywhere. (This is pre-dry stage.)
  8. It's hard to dislike something that can look so beautiful.
  9. Today I cut off all the pods
    And took them apart. I think it looks magical inside.
  10. It's so compact and precise
    And it feels like rubber or silicone.
  11. But then there are those needle-spikes ...
    Look at those things!
  12. But, look!