I've included Airlines that are no longer in business because I miss them. Inspired by @macnchz and @marceline
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    I am so fortunate to primarily go where Alaska flies. Everything about this airline is efficient, welcoming, and confident. (Their app is superior, by far!) Every other airline should take note.
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    Horizon Air
    Short hopping around the Pacific Northwest, Horizon was purchased by Alaska Airlines several years ago but they still have their signature quirky style—and free local wine and beer. Crew are all amazing, and if you're lucky enough to be mid-air on an uncrowded plane, you'll start to imagine you're in a friendly neighborhood bar—just remember not to step outside for a smoke!
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    So good. Coach, first class ... makes no difference, all passengers are well taken care of.
  4. 4.
    Oh, how I miss you. The way you were knocked out of business by Mesa Air's go! below-coat inter-island flights still makes my blood boil. I will never set foot on one of Mesa's planes (go! folded shortly after their destruction of the competition in Hawaii. Fuckers.)
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    Jet Blue
    Nice flights to Buffalo and back (Niagara Falls). Excellent customer service and comfy planes.
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    The first flight I took was on Western. No longer flying (for quite a while), it was primarily a West Coast airline, and it was always a good experience. Bought out by Delta. Had great commercials—their tag line was, Western Airlines ... the onnnly way to fly!
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    PSA (Pacific Southwest Airlines)
    PSA gives you a LIFT! The quintessential California-West Coast airline. The "World's Friendliest Airline" was bought by US Air in the 1980s ... I was pissed! They also had great commercials.
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    Excellent customer service! (I always pay the little extra to get on early.)
  9. 9.
    Used to be superb, but that was many years ago. I haven't flown with them in years.
  10. 10.
    US Air
    Meh. Worst frequent flyer program on the planet. After giving up trying to use the miles on a flight, I burned them all on a twenty-year-long subscription to Entertainment Weekly.
  11. 11.
    Go away, you monstrous, bloated, out-of-touch dinosaur ... no one wants you here.
  12. 12.
    Their offensive slogan from the 1970s: "We Really Move Our Tail For You." Last time I was forced to fly them, the plane was grimy and things were cracked and broken. I was horrified, plus I got really sick after the flight. I think they folded into United. Blech.
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    Don't do it! One step above sitting on orange crates and tying a rope around your waist as a seat belt. NO legroom. None. And my legs are short! No water unless you have a credit card! Other passengers bought water for people who only had cash.